Feb 12

I haven’t yet managed to get my head around writing my next article for the WTI Blog, so I would like to recommend a colleague’s blog which is aimed at everyone considering a career in the translation industry. In her blog sourcetext-targettext, Becci Radovanovic gives interesting accounts of her professional experiences as well as general advice for up-and-coming translators. Below I will publish a short excerpt of Becci’s latest article ( you can read the entire article on her blog).


About the author:

Rebecca Radovanovic is a freelance translator and project manager working from German and Spanish into English. Her blog, sourcetext-targettext, aims to give advice and information to those starting out in the translation industry.

Invoicing as a Freelance Translator

If you’ve never had to write an invoice before, knowing where to start and what to include might not be all that straightforward. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth guide covering everything a freelance translator needs to know when it comes to invoicing.

Creating a template:
If you’re confident using programs such as Excel, it’s recommendable to create a template from scratch. This allows you to include all and only the specific information which is relevant to your work, and gives you the freedom to structure the document as you see fit. Excel offers the advantage of being able to calculate totals or VAT amounts based on pre-defined formulae, which saves having to do the Maths manually. If you’re not confident working in Excel, either have a go at creating a template in Word, or search online for a ready-made template which you can then adjust to suit your needs.

What to include:
- The word “Invoice” at the top of the page
- Your name, company name if applicable and address

Click here to read the whole article on sourcetext-targettext